Our Communities

Our approach

We understand that we have a broader responsibility to strengthen the society of which we are part. Our long-term success is closely connected to being part of, and being trusted by, flourishing and sustainable local communities. We support these communities through both monetary donations and through volunteering our skills and expertise.

At Group level we have policies that encourage engagement with our communities and employee volunteering. Our target is to donate 1% of our pre-tax profit to charitable organisations. At local level there is flexibility to focus on the issues that are most appropriate to that business. We support and invest in a range of areas, but the three focus areas that are common across the Group are financial education, enterprise and skills development, and community development.

Supporting sustainable communities

For the love of reading  

School children with their own copy of "Oaky and the Sun"

Heiveld Co-operative

Barry Koopman, official tea maker for the Heiveld Co-operative.

Financial solutions for schools  
Educational Flagship Project

Mr Adonis, Acting Principal

Enterprise and skills development

We support the continuous development of skills and building the capacity of a range of enterprises which contribute to developing economic infrastructures and a dynamic market.

Community development

At a community level we help through investing in initiatives that lead to real social change at grassroots level. Our work with local communities is delivered directly through our businesses, our five Old Mutual Foundations, the Nedbank Foundation and trusts.

Who do I approach with a request for charity support?

Across the Group, charitable giving is managed on a local level. There are five Foundations that were set up on demutualisation and these manage the giving process in South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the UK. Nedbank also have a Foundation. Other business units donate from their individual budgets and all give to locally run projects. Please address your opportunities for support to your local business and they will consider the proposal and decide whether it is in line with Foundation or business guidelines. Contact details for Responsible Business Teams in each business unit can be found on our Responsible Business Contact page.