Our Employees

Our approach

Our business relies on the commitment, talent and diversity of our employees. We focus on motivating, developing and leveraging the strengths of our people so we can maintain a high performance culture. By developing our employees in our businesses, we can strengthen our talent pipeline whilst promoting diversity and inclusion.

Developing our people

To help employees fulfil their potential, each business has a formal process to identify training needs and create individual development plans. This approach helps employees to identify the right career path for them and clarifies the knowledge and skills they will need at different management levels.

Promoting employee wellbeing

Nakelela Employee Volunteering

Increasing diversity

We see diversity in its broadest sense as a strength for businesses: the different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our employees are a great asset. Our policies ensure that no employee receives less favourable treatment on grounds of their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion or any other factor unrelated to the requirements of their position. In southern Africa, recognising the unique circumstances, we balance these principles against our commitment to address employment equity and transformation issues. We are also members of the UN Global Compact, which is focused on promoting diversity, human rights and labour rights.

Wellness at work

We want Old Mutual to be a safe, positive and rewarding place for our employees to work, so we take their health and wellbeing at work seriously. Each business has a variety of approaches for promoting wellness at work. To learn more about this please visit the business websites.

Managing succession risk

The loss of key employees can cause significant disruption in any company, and we see this as a key risk to the business. We have mitigated this risk through succession planning and our processes for growing talent within the business. Each business has a process in place to manage this risk.