Environmental Management

Our approach

As part of improving the way we manage our direct environmental impacts we have developed a Group Climate Change Strategy. We focus on reducing energy consumption, waste production, water usage, and business travel. Our aim is to become more resource efficient whilst supporting a healthier global environment for people to live and work in. By managing our environmental risk we will make sustainability an engine for growth rather than a brake on it. Going forward, we will redirect our focus to the environmental impact of our investment portfolio - our indirect footprint, where we can make a material impact on our carbon emissions.

Measuring progress

Understanding our current environmental impacts is fundamental to measuring our progress. We have implemented a group-wide reporting system for our environmental and social key performance indicators and have worked with contacts in each business unit to ensure the data they report is robust and accurate. This process is run by the Group Financial Report Team , who continue to work across the Group to further improve the quality, quantity and timeliness of the data we report.

Environmental management in action

Portside: using energy efficiency construction

Portside building in Cape Town

In the heat of the moment

Volunteer Wildfire Services, recipients of  the Old Mutual Foundation disaster relief funding

Growing green futures

Development of training in horticulture through Old Mutual Foundation's support of the Grootbos Green Futures Foundation

Solar at Mutual Park

Corporate solar carport

Reducing our buildings' environmental footprint

Our biggest direct environmental impact is through the buildings that we own or lease. We work hard to improve their environmental performance by refitting existing units and building or leasing more environmentally friendly new ones.

We take part in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), producing an annual report on our progress in terms of reducing our Group carbon footprint. We have been a signatory to CDP since 2006, and in 2014 maintained our place in the CDP Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for FTSE 350 financial services, rising to fourth place, with a score of 98.

Engaging our employees

In parallel to investing in the facilities and technology to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, we are working with our employees to ensure they are fully engaged in this group-wide effort. At a local level, employees are communicated with through workshops, training sessions, issue campaigns and incentive programmes.