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Responsible Investment

What is responsible investment?

Responsible investment is a cross-cutting approach to investment that integrates the consideration of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment and ownership practices, as a basis for making the transition to a low-carbon, socially inclusive economy.

Why do we think responsible investment is important

We have worked with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership to identify where we can make the most material impact across Old Mutual. Responsible investment is one of our key focus areas where we aim to become a leader in the financial services arena. It is our view that companies that swiftly respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by our changing environments and society, will reap the benefits of stronger growth prospects, enhanced operating efficiencies, stronger social license to operate, enhanced staff retention, lower cost of capital and, ultimately, stronger and longer competitive advantage.

Responsible Investment

Collaborating to invest responsibly

Jon Duncan, Head of Responsible Investment

Housing Impact Fund

The Housing Impact Fund finances the construction of 'affordable' homes for sale and rent

Responsible investment workshops

Jon Duncan, Old Mutual Investment Group

Sustainable investments for sustainable returns

How do we embed responsible investment across the Group?

Old Mutual is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). We view responsible investment as a cross-cutting approach that explicitly acknowledges the relevance of ESG issues to both the investor and the long-term stability of the market and society. Our approach to responsible investment is founded on an understanding of the growing sustainability megatrend and its potential to impact the competitive landscape across all sectors.

Consequently, as a provider of investment, savings, insurance and banking solutions, we believe that considering relevant material ESG factors in our investment and ownership decisions is consistent with the pursuit of superior risk-adjusted returns for our beneficiaries and customers. It not only makes sound business sense; in our role as custodian of our shareholders' and beneficiaries'
long-term futures, it is the right thing to do.

Responsible investment is an important element of our Positive Futures Plan, which is key to enabling the long-term growth of Old Mutual as an international business.

Green economic growth

Given the size of our emerging market footprint, we recognise the importance of going beyond responsible investment practices to actively support green economic growth themes. We offer our clients unparalleled opportunity to invest in the building blocks of a sustainable economy, such as infrastructure development, education, affordable housing, low-carbon energy and agriculture. We also launched the first green retail savings bond in South Africa. Our developed market businesses in the US and Europe offer access to sustainable timber practices, as well as a portfolio of private equity green property assets.

Not only do these assets have low correlations to traditional asset classes - offering investors an alternative source of market-related equity and debt returns over the long-term, they also provide measurable socio-economic impacts, providing clients with access to attractive investments that support the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient, socially inclusive and vibrant global economy. Based on these capabilities, we work with investors from around the world to tailor portfolios to suit their specific needs.

Responsible investment library

Here is a library of responsible investment-related material. Due to the nature of this topic, responses differ by region and business unit.