How we operate

Responsible Business

To be our customers' most trusted partner we need to be responsible in all our daily decisions and actions. This is why we are committed to being a responsible business in each of the markets in which we operate. We express this through our application of the five pillars of responsible business, through our corporate values and our interaction with our stakeholders:

  • Responsible to our customers
  • Responsible investment
  • Responsible to our employees
  • Responsible to our communities
  • Responsible environmental management


We pursue value by balancing the risk assumed with the capital required and view good governance as a vital ingredient of operating a successful business.

We are governed by the EU solvency regulations and our local businesses are governed by the regulatory bodies of the country in which they operate. Our regulatory capital surplus, calculated under the FGD, was £1.7 billion at 31 December 2015 representing a statutory cover of 160%. The Group Solvency II surplus was £1.6 billion at 1 January 2016, representing a Group Solvency II ratio of 135%. For the year ended 31 December 2015 Old Mutual reported pre-tax adjusted operating profits of £1.7 billion and funds under management from (Excluding Rogge) of £304 billion.